55 Market St

55 Market Street, Sydney is positioned directly opposite the Pitt Street Mall shopping precinct, close to the QVB, the State Theatre, Hyde Park, and is a place for employees to thrive.

Continuing our great relationships with Mirvac and Built, Metra was approached to install our smart locking solution in conjunction with Five and Heart’s lockers into their start of the art end of trip facilities. We installed our standard end of trip solution which comprised of 130x centralised electronic locks and 3x Touchless Metra Kiosks.

Casual patrons are automatically assigned a locker upon presentation of users access card. This means that when a patron scans their access card an available locker will automatically open, minimising the need to touch what would generally be shared surfaces.

The lockers are also set up to accept VIP reservations meaning that their locker can be reserved for a period of time and not be available for casual patrons.

When a reservation, casual or VIP, expires the lockers switch to “service mode” and are unable to be re-hired until the locker has been cleaned.


When you spend your days designing and guiding development projects with property owners and investors its only fitting to have brand new, state of the art personal storage for your employees. 

Urbis engaged Framework and Metra to install custom lockers to their office floors. By choosing the Metra RFID “on door” solution, Urbis employees are able to unlock their locker directly at the door using their Gallagher building access card.

Urbis - 200820-7-edit
Urbis - 200820-15

Urbis have chosen to set up their lockers in “free mode”. This is where vacant lockers are unlocked at all times and a staff member can freely choose an available locker. This mode is regularly used for short term/casual use such as hot desking setups.

The lockers also have the ability (via a minor back end reconfiguration) to be set up in “assigned mode”. This means lockers remain locked at all times, management assign an individual staff member to a particular locker for a set amount of time or permanent basis and only that staff member can access that locker. 

The MyMetraSoftware provides the building management team the ability to monitor which staff member has used which locker, assisting with contact tracing and cleaning services.

Melbourne City Baths

Located on the corner of Swanston Street, Franklin Street and Victoria Street, Melbourne City Baths (MCB) opened in 1904 as public baths, with swimming pools and bathing facilities and is now considered one of Melbourne’s most architecturally and historically significant buildings.

The facility offers locker hire to both their members and for casual use and it came time for an upgrade. Realising the MDF lockers were not appropriate for their environment, they chose to replace the lockers with our Metra High Pressure Laminate (HPL) solution. Our HPL Lockers are environment specific, durable, moisture, bacteria, and corrosion resistant.

Existing members lockers not in high moisture areas were retrofitted with our RFID on Door locks. Integrating with the Facility Management Software means access is limited to only current members, providing another great retention tool for MCB.

As well as upgrading the lockers themselves, Metra upgraded their locking technology, installing the Metra centralised locking solution in each locker, a Metra kiosk with RFID readers, and the ability to install a payWave unit. This will provide a modern and easy to use locker experience for all.

By having the ability to add payWave units installed directly into the locker banks, MCB have future-proofed their lockers. Casual patrons will be able to purchase their own locker, in their own time, without having to queue at reception. Of course, members can still use these lockers as well for free, due to the software integration.

Riverside Quay, South Bank

Positioned on the Yarra River in Southbank, Victoria, the established landmark destination for business and leisure, offers a vibrant place to work, relax and dine.  The precinct recently embarked on a redevelopment that saw a  full ambience upgrade, presenting a calm and authoritative environment.

Together with Five at Heart, Metra Aus completed an installation of over 290 lockers as part of the new End of Trip facilities Riverside Quay have to offer.

The locking solution chosen was the Metra Centralised Locking Solution with Metra Touch Displays and HID readers. The solutions was installed throughout the male and female amenities as well as the DDA .

Users approach the touch screens, select a locker via the menu and scan their RFID media to assign. For a complete touchless environment, the solution can be configured to automatically assign and open an available locker for a user by just scanning their media, no touching of the screen required.

This flexible locking solution has the ability to be customised for both casual users and VIP users requiring a permanent locker reservation.

Casual locker reservations can be set to expire on a daily or weekly basis. Once the reservation has expired the lockers are moved into a “service” mode. Via the use of our My Metra Software, an alert is generated of expired lockers, giving the building management clear instructions of which of them require servicing to ensure they can provide a clean and hygienic environment, all while keeping VIP lockers secure

388 George Street, Sydney


388 George Street sits on one of Sydney’s busiest intersections in one of the city’s most prestigious buildings in the heart of the financial, legal and technology precinct, surrounded by blue chip companies. Undergoing a refurbishment that focuses on increased productivity, workspace flexibility, wellness, future technologies and sustainability.

Metra Aus teamed up with Five at Heart to compete the buildings brand new, state of the art End of Trip facility. Installing over 360 Metra Centralised Locks across male, female and DDA accessible amenities, each with a Metra touch screen display with integrated HID Bluetooth readers.

Through the use of the My Metra Lockers Software,  the building management team are able assign lockers for long term reservations with the remaining available for casual use. Lockers are accessed via the users current building access card, cancelling out the need for additional keys / cards, or the chance of forgetting access codes.

Not only can building management monitor who is accessing each locker, they can monitor which lockers are being used each day.  And further, when the casual locker reservations expire each day, they automatically move to a “cleaning” mode, so the cleaning team can enter the facilities at the end of each day with clear instructions of what has been used to ensure they can provide a clean and hygienic environment.
















Aqualink, Nunawading


Aqualink, Nunawading has been a long time client of Metra Australia and when the time came to upgrade their lockers, we knew exactly what was required.

Technology has changed dramatically from when their lockers were first installed 10 years ago. We were able to replace their old, members only, battery lock solution to the Metra hardwired centralised solution with two kiosks.

This solution has been installed with the capability to upgrade to casual use with a payWave/cashless payment option in the future. This will mean that when Aqualink are ready, their casual patrons PARC can purchase their own locker, in their own time, directly at the locker bank rather than going back to the reception.



Aqualink initially had MDF lockers with standard door hinges installed at the centre. Being a wet and high-humidity area, the MDF quickly started to rot and the hinges began to rust resulting in doors not functioning properly.

Our Kupan HPL lockers are designed and constructed to be water and corrosion-resistant. They feature a one piece aluminium hinge (no rust), self-closing doors and a 10-year warranty.

The installation of the Metra Locking system was also easily integrated with their 3rd party POS solution via the use of our API.



Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre


Peninsular Aquatic Recreation Centre (PARC) opened in September 2014 thanks to the vision of Frankston City Council to ensure that everyone in Frankston has the opportunity to be active. PARC and Frankston City Council approached Metra Aus late 2019 to discuss the replacement of their 350+ lockers.

Not only did Metra Aus replace the lockers, we upgraded their solution to ensure the members and casual patrons of PARC had a modern and easy to use locker experience.



PARC initially had MDF lockers with standard door hinges installed through out the centre. However it soon became apparent that this was not the best solution. Being a wet and high-humidity area, the MDF quickly started to rot and the hinges began to rust resulting in doors not functioning properly.

Our Kupan HPL lockers are designed and constructed to be water and corrosion-resistant. A perfect solution for the lockers being used around the pool decks at PARC, featuring a one piece aluminium hinge (no rust), self-closing doors and a 10-year warranty.



Being a large centre, a mix of the Metra centralised locks, accessed via a central kiosk,  and the Metra RFID on-door solution, was implemented.

The Metra centralised kiosks now have the ability to have a payWave/cashless payment option installed. This means that the casual patrons of PARC can purchase their own locker, in their own time, directly at the locker bank rather than going back to the reception.

The casual use of the lockers works by the patron selecting a locker available, assigning themselves a 4-digit PIN, and presenting their payWave card to the payment terminal.




Girton Grammar School

RFID Education Lockers

Girton Grammar School approached Metra Aus requesting a solution for new lockers. Basic school lockers are installed with the use of a padlock hasp for students however as Girton Grammar already use RFID card technology throughout their school, the decision was made to continue the trend and have their new lockers link to their existing technology via the Metra hard-wired locking solution. By linking the new lockers to their existing card technology, it meant their students didn’t require keys or have to remember codes for additional padlocks.

Students access their lockers by initially being assigned a locker via the schools admin and then swiping their card at the reader located on the locker bank to open their door

The Metra hard-wired locking solution also provides the school with locker usage status reports. The school can see when a locker has been opened and how many times. The solution also includes master cards which can open any door, perfect for school administrators.

The lockers themselves are made from High-Pressure Laminate (HPL).  Designed and constructed to be water and corrosion-resistant and featuring a one piece aluminium hinge (no rust). This hinge also allows the locker doors to self-close. No more walking down school hallways having to shut all the opened lockers!

The sloping top addition is to prevent items being placed on the  top of the units, and is finished to match the carcass. Our HPL lockers are all backed with a 10-year warranty.


Battery vs Hardwired locks

Metra Australia’s hardwired locker locks are easy to use and manage. Our web-based locker management software offers a real-time audit trail, reports, and the possibility to assign lockers from mobile devices. The locking solution is hardwired, does not use batteries, and is extremely environmentally friendly. It streamlines locker management, reduces ongoing operational costs, and is the ideal locker lock for fitness club changing rooms, end of trip facilities, or the modern office environment.

Are hardwired locks actually more expensive than battery-powered locks?

The perception in the marketplace tends to lean towards yes, that hardwired locks are more expensive. But whilst looking at the lifespan of the locks, and the required ongoing maintenance and replacement, you will quickly learn that hardwired locks can actually be less expensive than battery-powered locks.

As we also look to address environmental and climate considerations it is a business’s responsibility to take these concerns into account in all aspects of business, including minimizing their own ecological footprint. A facility with 1,000 lockers would require approximately 3000 batteries to run.  That is approx 70kg in batteries that would need to be replaced and properly disposed of annually.

How long would it take to actually replace all of those batteries?

Let’s break this down: Each lock has screws holding on cover plates to protect a total of 3 -4 batteries — so it is safe to assume 2 – 3 mins per lock to change the batteries.


For 1,000 locks

At the low end, we are talking roughly 2,000 minutes,

On the high side of our experience, 3,000 minutes.


33 hours – 50 hours

of labour time alone to replace 3,000 – 4,000 batteries


In summary, by considering the time taken to replace the batteries, the associated cost with new batteries (some battery locks on the market will have proprietary batteries in them that are only sold by the lock manufacturer) and labour, as well as disposal on the old batteries, all on a yearly basis – the move to hardwired locking solutions is a great business decision.

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5 benefits of using RFID technology

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags that contain electronically stored information. RFID chips can be incorporated in wristbands, key tags, fobs, the paper passes, and plastic cards. Each unique RFID tag can allow timely access through doors, turnstiles, and lockers.

See below 5 benefits to using RFID technology in your next locking solution. 

1) Data tracking

Because a person carries an RFID card with them, a smart-card system records her movements. For example, when a person enters a locked room with the card, the system notes the person, the date and time, and the activity.

2) Ease of use

Where a lost or stolen physical key can require you to replace the whole lock, an administrator can simply delete the lost/stolen tag’s access and program a new one.

3) Security

RFID key cards are much harder to copy than traditional keys, so offer peace of mind where unauthorized users are concerned. Key cards can also be deactivated to prevent an unauthorized user from gaining entry to a building or access to a storage locker.

4) Increased revenue and profits

For applications where access is required for a large number of people, for instance, gym members, getting traditional keys cut can be very expensive. With an RFID key card, replacements and cheap and easy.

5) Flexibility

RFID cards can be programmed and reprogrammed as the aspects of security requirements change. If an employee leaves, the card can be deactivated or reprogrammed for a new employee. It also allows changes to areas that personnel can access as their permissions grow and change.

Jobs we have recently completed utilizing RFID technology. 

– Transport for NSW Macquarie Park

– Deep Blue Hotel & Hot Springs

– SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre

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