World’s most reliable smart lock

The patented Metra smart lock has a reputation of being the most reliable on the market. It is the very heart of our solutions. Its specific design concepts of individual components, rigorous testing, quality material and proven long-life durability in challenging environments are clear testaments of reliability, functionality and user satisfaction at the highest level.

Proven in harsh conditions

Compared to our competitor’s solenoid and battery driven locks, Metra uses a secure electric motor-driven lock to control the locking and unlocking process. The specific design and use of noncorrosive parts in our smart lock require minimal maintenance and provide the highest functionality in various harsh environments from scorching desert to freezing winter temperatures, humid or dry environments.


A lifetime of high usage

We made sure our lock can handle high usage, so we designed and produced smart locker locks that can cope with decades of usage. In addition, our innovative locking solution inside the lock easily deals with overpacked lockers, where the contents exert pressure on locker doors from the inside, which can create unlocking and jamming problems for certain locks on the market.

Multiple unlocking options

Choose the unlocking dynamic of Metra smart lock that suits you best. Choose if you want to open your locker with your RFID access media, mobile app via NFC, Bluetooth or via wi-fi, smart watch, PIN code, or even combine two or more options for the most user-friendly locker usage. Our smart lock solution can be fully tailored to your preferred use.

Fully concealed – fully clean-line locker design

Metra’s smart locks and its parts are fully concealed which prevents direct contact with the lock or its parts from outside the locker.  This provides interior designers with multiple options to achieve superior look of your lockers. The absence of pull leverage in the form of locker handles acts as an additional anti-theft measure.

Strong & secure

Metra smart lock is strong and secure. We rigorously tested it to withstand strong pulling forces, so it is suitable to be used in indoor and outdoor lockers. In addition, it also features innovative pre-break-in alarm system and other security measures in order to provide the highest locker security, making sure your belongings are safe and secure

360° functionality

Metra smart lock was designed to be “anti-gravitational”, able to properly function when installed at any angle. This allows you to choose any direction your locker doors will open and even have smart drawers.

Energy-efficient & sustainable

Metra smart lock is powered by low-voltage electricity. Compared to battery powered locks, there is no need for time and money consuming process of replacing of hundreds or even thousands of environmentally harmful batteries on a regular basis. Metra smart locks, and the smart locking system as a whole, are designed to last, thus minimizing or completely removing locker related maintenance costs and help lower company’s environmental footprint for a really loooong period of time.

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