Flexible personal storage locker units, purpose-built for schools, universities and educational facilities

Built tough, durable and functional with visual appeal.

METRA Australia’s HPL School Lockers are available in a range of flexible configurations, colours and finishes. Self-closing doors are a design feature, and different locking options can be fitted to suit all your student and staff storage needs.

Enhanced security and convenience 

Combine METRA Electronic Locking System (ELS) with METRA Electronic Locks (no batteries, hard-wired) to have the ability to electronically control personal locker storage via RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) media as a locker key.

RFID media can be a tag, fob, card or wristband. Existing student cards can be easily integrated to be used with the system. 

Electronic locking at Nottingham Emmanuel School, UK:

High-quality tailored options are available to enhance your modern classroom, library or collaborative learning area.

Sloping Top
To prevent items being placed on the  top of the units, we provide the option of a fitted sloping top with a finish that matches the carcass.

Door Layout
The most common locker bank consists of a single door finish, and we also offer the option for multiple door colours to suit your style.

10-year warranty
Our High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) lockers are water-resistant, built to be hard-working and are backed with a 10-year warranty.

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