Clean, safe and hygienic operation

Our lockers can be integrated with existing HID access control so they can
be opened via an app and easily closed with a nudge of the elbow.

Just being a locker isn’t enough anymore

In today’s world it is difficult to imagine using a shared touch pad lock or combo lock. Not only
does everyone touch them, but they are difficult
to clean and sterilise.

Many questions arise when discussing how businesses will return. Will hot-desking and agile offices still exist or will people demand assigned desks. Many believe assigned desks will be mandatory and strict
clean desk policies will be the norm. 

Our lockers enable usage-based cleaning practices, potentially saving time and money. Knowing which lockers were used previously, by who and when,
will assist with integrated strategies for businesses
to return safely.


Schedule cleaning and provide access to
cleaning crews with full audit capabilities.

Know which lockers were used and need cleaning
(or ones not used since last cleaning).

Handle assigned lockers and unassigned
on the same bank.

Automatically (or manually) open all lockers
remotely at a set time each day.

Full audit capabilities of usage/utilisation
to aid in contact tracing (if needed).

Integrate seamlessly with Smart Building Apps
and Technology
Handle and track visitor,
contractors and temporary usage.

MyMetraKey App

Lockers can be accessed with a HID access smart card, HID Mobile Access™ App
on a mobile phone or smart watch, or a combination of all

Our smart lockers with embedded Genuine
HID Technology™ simultaneously
low and high frequency credentials, including
iCLASS® Seos® , HID Prox®,
MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE DESFire® EV1
and NFC and Bluetooth for
HID™ Mobile Access
app (mobile Seos credentials – BLE).

User-friendly backup key

The MMK mobile app can be used as the sole
smart locker key or in combination with
contactless smart access card.

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