When it comes to the benefits of using the Metra Smart Locking System there are many things that come to mind.

Money, space, time and maintenance saving smart storage solutions with touch-less, hygienic technology. Technology that enables a safe, flexible, user-oriented and future-proof working environment, all of which will help your organisation stay competitive.

Explore below how Metra smart locker system can give you an extra edge.

Metra patented smart lock has a reputation for being the most reliable on the global market and enabling the most flexible and custom use. It is proven to withstand even harsh conditions from scorching desert to freezing winter temperatures and humid environments due to its design and engineering. It can be mounted at any angle, can handle overpacked lockers where the contents exert pressure on locker doors from the inside and is tested up to 300.000 openings.

A smart lock you can fully rely on.



Metra smart locker system comes with a variety of user interfaces, most of which offer contactless, hygienic unlocking and opening of the locker. Unlock your locker without the need to touch the locker or locker doors. Open the doors directly on-door, on central RFID reader with smart access media (card, fob, …), remotely with a smartphone or smart watch app (NFC, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network) or combine them for an extra user-friendly locker use.

Self-opening locker doors – beside unlocking your locker, Metra smart lock will also wide open the locker doors for you.



When COVID-19 pandemics hit the world, we made extra efforts to offer our smart locker users safe and hygienic use. We relied on our three decades of experience providing solutions to medical facilities when we integrated touchless technology, clean surface design and cleaning service mode to offer clients COVID-19 compliant workspace/delivery lockers and prevent the spread of germs.


Touch-less – The best way to keep locker use hygiene at a high level is to minimise the need to touch the locker and providing automatic locker cleaning mode.


Cleaning mode – Using Metra’s smart locker cleaning mode provides another option to make sure your lockers, especially if the lockers can have multiple users, clean and disinfected.


Antibacterial materials – Specific locker materials provide an additional antimicrobial protection to keep your lockers as hygienic as possible.



Metra smart lock is fully concealed. This enables a modern, fully clean-line locker design, something your architects and interior designers will love and appreciate. We understand that locker design is an important part of achieving the desired visual experience of your facility.

Get creative with locker door design or graphics!


Metra smart locker system can be seamlessly interconnected with any existing access control or other smart facility system. Employees can continue using the same media for unlocking our smart lockers as they use for building access, logging time etc., thus reducing the need for extra access media.

Learn more about the Metra locker system in the technology section.


Using Metra smart lockers is a very good option to efficiently use, manage and optimise needed locker storage capacity. You can simultaneously reduce lockers for employees, visitors or guests by up to 30% and support the activity-based dynamic of your flexible workplace with a self-serving, short-term locker use logic.



Metra smart locking technology is extremely flexible and user-centric. You can adapt it to your organisation and preferred ways of use on the fly. Lockers can be permanently assigned, self-assigned, rented, used for delivery & pick up or shared. Our locker management system allows you to configure lockers to your dynamic at any time without even going near the lockers. Change permanent lockers to short-time use, change or add locker media, make a personal locker a project locker or make other changes, for individual locker or multiple lockers. Choose what fits best for your type of company/ organisation or business.


Short-term, temporary locker use – Smart short-term lockers, also called flexible or agile lockers, are either self-assigned by the user or are auto-assigned by the system for a specific, shorter time period, depending on preferences.


Long-term locker use –  Smart long-term lockers, sometime also called permanent or personal lockers, are usually preassigned from locker management software for a longer time frame.


Shared locker use is where there are two or more preselected users who can simultaneously access and use the smart locker. Usually used for safely storing project, financial, meeting or other type documentation.


Smart delivery / Pick up lockers are used for inbound, outbound or in-house drop-offs and pick ups for employees, tenants or other users. A user, e.g. a courier or an employee, can access the locker once (to leave something in the locker), and only the preselected recipient can access the locker (to collect the item in the locker).


Combo locker use –  Our smart locker system gives you an option to freely combine short- and long-term locker use for the most tailored locker use, either on individual locker, locker bank or the whole locker installation.


Our highly secure electric motor-driven lock is the market leader in its capability to   withstand pull force, making it a trusted guardian of your belongings. Once the locker is locked, there is no direct access to the lock. The locking system is equipped with real-time security features including visual and audible alarms and break-in attempt detection. This means the alarm is triggered in the very act of breaking in, giving you enough time to react. The quality-built locker and locker design can also add to the level of locker security.


Various data, reports and analytics are essential elements of every smart and successful business. Remotely manage and optimise smart lockers usage with various real-time information about lock, locker, locker key or locker user statuses and activities with the help of Metra locker management software. Custom management software can also be used (API integration).



Metra locker system enables smart parcel lockers for inbound, outbound or in-house pick-up stations.Delivery & pick-up stations operate 24/7,entirely without staff and provide completely automated self-service, offering safe, secure and fully hygienic delivery and pick-up of the package at anytime.


Recipient is instantly notified where and how to easily pick up the parcel from locker. Easily setup custom smart pick up lockers for your web or store customers or provide an in-house solution for secure and discreet deliveries and exchanges between your employees so nothing get lost any more. Users don’t require media to open the door, since it is opened with QR code send automatically to recipient with e-mail and SMS notification at the moment of delivery.



Each Metra smart locker system is a low-consumption system, as it is powered by low-voltage electricity. Daily electricity consumption of 500 Metra smart lockers is similar to one desk computer monitor. Compared to battery powered locks, there is no replacing and disposing of hundreds or even thousands of harmful batteries (can be up to 4 batteries per lock). Metra smart locks have long lifecycle and the system is adaptable to last, minimising company’s environmental footprint.



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