1 Bligh offers premium grade sustainable office space and is a building that combines leading edge design, technology, and sustainability in one of the world’s most enviable locations.

1 Bligh provides 27 levels of office space in an environment that inspires its tenants every day. When Metra Aus were approached to provide a locking solution for the end of trip facilities we knew no stone was going to be left unturned to ensure the solution met all requirements.

With contactless solutions a high priority for building management group Dexus, they chose to utilise palm scanners to access their lockers as per a previous site. To allow for these palm scanners, Metra Aus installed our proprietary Wiegand converter to allow ease of configuration with the Metra Management Portal.

The locker usage is configured with a mix of daily (casual) hire, and the option to assign lockers to VIP staff for long term reservations. Assigned lockers can have a reservation length of up to 27 years.

When a locker reservation expires, whether that be automatically at the end of the day or at the end of the set reservation period, they go into “Metra Service Mode” allowing for cleaning prior to being re-hired.

Building security is managed by Gallagher using their encrypted Gallagher card and the third party palm scanner, Metra have been able to import and integrate as required so that the same card/ ID is also used for the lockers.

There were a total of 231x centralised locks installed throughout the male and female changerooms, hallway and bike rack area.

Building management: Dexus

Builder: Girvan Group

Locker joinery: Five at Heart

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