NSW Cricket Centre

The new home of Cricket NSW at Wilson Park in Sydney’s Silverwater has been built for the needs of current and future generation cricketers at every level; coaches, umpires, administrators, and volunteers.  The new facility is said to provide contemporary high-performance training and playing facilities for all NSW professional teams, offer pathway and development programs, a community facility and office space for almost 150 staff.

Metra Aus were approached by both the builder and joiner for the project to provide a solution for electronic locking technology within the lockers throughout the players and community change rooms, administration areas and for kit bag storage on the ground floor.

There is a total of 347 electronic locks were installed throughout the facility with a mix of our RFID “on door” solution and centralised locking solution.

With all staff and regular players to be issued an RFID access card whilst using the facility, the RFID on door was considered the best solution as it allows a user to move directly to either their assigned locker, or a free locker and unlock at the door. The small number of the centralised lockers are reserved for casual users to the open auditorium.

All of the lockers were custom designed by Cox Architects, and the Metra lock was able to accommodate their unique needs – including the large horizontally hinged, lift up lockers designed specifically for large kit-bag storage.

The change rooms required a lot of individual storage, but only a small allocation of secure, valuable storage.

Lockers to the open plan office area are low height, and readily accessible for staff.

Building management:  Cricket NSW

Builder:  Buildcorp

Locker joinery:  Euroline

Tennis Australia, Rod Laver Arena, VIC

Rod Laver Arena is home to one of the world’s major tennis championships, the first Grand Slam tournament each year- the Australian Open.

Metra Aus service team have supported Tennis Australia (TA) and their player lockers at the venue for several years.  As an upgrade to the facility, the decision was made in 2021 that the old battery locks needed to be replaced.

TA approached Metra Aus with the request to upgrade their 750 player lockers to a smarter, hardwired, reliable and eco friendly system. A high priority for TA was that the software had to be easy to use and provide up to date, real time reporting for the event management team. This can all be done via our locker management software.

We installed our Metra Electronic Locking system as a Centralised solution across the 4x change rooms in Rod Laver Arena. Each changeroom included 2x centralised RFID readers which are configured so the players can access their assigned locker/s via their building access card.

During the retrofit our team had to design a solution to adapt the joinery to house the lock and cable at the base of each individual locker and ensure there was nothing that would interfere with the use of the locker. The end result is a sleek look and seamless operation, you don’t even realise that this is a retrofit.

The management software makes it easy for the event team to allocate single or multiple lockers to each player, run reports and monitor usage of the lockers.

With the hardwired lockers now 100% online, our service team are able provide around the clock support, However, in this instance, having our expert technicians locally available was imperative for the Tennis Aus team. Now our team can provide efficient remote service or attend site when required.

We wouldn’t want Ash Barty to have her racquet stuck in a locker right before the final!

Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre

Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre (MSAC) is the home of high-performance sport in Victoria. Facilities include two 50-metre competition pools, a 25-metre indoor lap pool, a multi-purpose pool, a hydrotherapy pool plus a spa, sauna and steam room, a fully equipped gymnasium, and state of the art sports courts and stadiums. MSAC also plays host for all major swimming competitions in Victoria.

This installation is not the first time MSAC has experienced our locking technology. In fact we first installed our locks there back in 2014. With technology evolving and customer experience requirements growing its was time for an upgrade. The new solution required to be integrated with the new PerfectGym member’s management software, with members also able to access the new lockers using an App, and casuals able to self serve locker hire via payWave.

MSAC went through a thorough tender process to select their Lockers. Metra assisted with doing a full analysis of locker usage with income analysis and member vs casual usage penetration rate to provide the optimum number of lockers required.

Metra also engaged with PerfectGym to provide any assistance with the integration so that free access to lockers is limited to Members only.

We installed two banks of our bespoke Kupan HPL Compact Lockers, with a combination of 2 and 4 door towers, in two separate locations. Each bank sports a Metra Kiosk with Metra RFID readers and payWave.

MSAC - Paywave - 2021 (15 of 25)
MSAC - Paywave - 2021 (10 of 25)

In an Australian first, the MyMetraKey App was installed enabling members to access the new lockers via their smartphone. Members can also assign themselves a pin code to access the lockers without their membership card or smart phone.

The brand new lockers compliment the centre’s member lockers our team installed throughout the gym areas nicely. MSAC is able to monitor all lockers via the MyMetraLockers software, viewing  what lockers are being used, identifying peak locker usage times, and even remotely open locker doors if required

Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre

With Metra Australia’s proven track record in Aquatic Facilities, the decision to implement Metra HPL Lockers and Locking Technologies is an easy one. A combined experience level of over 100 years in the leisure industry makes Metra the best for customer and staff experience alike.

Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre within The City of Sydney is the largest pool complex built in Sydney since the 2000 Olympics.

The centre includes four pools, a large fitness centre, outdoor sport and recreation facilities, café, creche and community meeting rooms. It’s no wonder they required 280 lockers plus an additional 50 pigeon holes.

All the lockers and pigeon holes within the facility are High-Pressure Laminate (HPL), providing robust security and damage resistance. HPL is durable, moisture, bacteria and corrosion resistant. Inside the lockers there are full length aluminium hinges, offering structural stability in a range of vertical and horizontal applications.  The colours GPARC have chosen are “Light Stone Grey” and “Sea Green”.

GPARC includes areas within the facility that are accessible only to their members. When discussing the perfect locking solution, it was required that members are to have access to a locker via the use of their award winning 360 membership card. The Metra Dot Technology is the perfect solution.

Casual visitors are able to purchase a locker directly at a locker bank via the Metra Kiosk. The kiosks have a payWave cashless payment terminal installed and are linked to the Metra  ELS Technology. Via the use of a pin code, casual visitors are able to self assign themselves a locker for a set amount of time. By having the “self-serve” kiosks installed within the locker banks it removes the inconvenience for customers having to return to the front desk to purchase a ticket or wristband and in return freeing up staff for other duties.

All the casual transactions and membership access is controlled by a seamless integration with their facility management software .

Melbourne City Baths

Located on the corner of Swanston Street, Franklin Street and Victoria Street, Melbourne City Baths (MCB) opened in 1904 as public baths, with swimming pools and bathing facilities and is now considered one of Melbourne’s most architecturally and historically significant buildings.

The facility offers locker hire to both their members and for casual use and it came time for an upgrade. Realising the MDF lockers were not appropriate for their environment, they chose to replace the lockers with our Metra High Pressure Laminate (HPL) solution. Our HPL Lockers are environment specific, durable, moisture, bacteria, and corrosion resistant.

Existing members lockers not in high moisture areas were retrofitted with our RFID on Door locks. Integrating with the Facility Management Software means access is limited to only current members, providing another great retention tool for MCB.

As well as upgrading the lockers themselves, Metra upgraded their locking technology, installing the Metra centralised locking solution in each locker, a Metra kiosk with RFID readers, and the ability to install a payWave unit. This will provide a modern and easy to use locker experience for all.

By having the ability to add payWave units installed directly into the locker banks, MCB have future-proofed their lockers. Casual patrons will be able to purchase their own locker, in their own time, without having to queue at reception. Of course, members can still use these lockers as well for free, due to the software integration.

Aqualink, Nunawading


Aqualink, Nunawading has been a long time client of Metra Australia and when the time came to upgrade their lockers, we knew exactly what was required.

Technology has changed dramatically from when their lockers were first installed 10 years ago. We were able to replace their old, members only, battery lock solution to the Metra hardwired centralised solution with two kiosks.

This solution has been installed with the capability to upgrade to casual use with a payWave/cashless payment option in the future. This will mean that when Aqualink are ready, their casual patrons PARC can purchase their own locker, in their own time, directly at the locker bank rather than going back to the reception.



Aqualink initially had MDF lockers with standard door hinges installed at the centre. Being a wet and high-humidity area, the MDF quickly started to rot and the hinges began to rust resulting in doors not functioning properly.

Our Kupan HPL lockers are designed and constructed to be water and corrosion-resistant. They feature a one piece aluminium hinge (no rust), self-closing doors and a 10-year warranty.

The installation of the Metra Locking system was also easily integrated with their 3rd party POS solution via the use of our API.



Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre


Peninsular Aquatic Recreation Centre (PARC) opened in September 2014 thanks to the vision of Frankston City Council to ensure that everyone in Frankston has the opportunity to be active. PARC and Frankston City Council approached Metra Aus late 2019 to discuss the replacement of their 350+ lockers.

Not only did Metra Aus replace the lockers, we upgraded their solution to ensure the members and casual patrons of PARC had a modern and easy to use locker experience.



PARC initially had MDF lockers with standard door hinges installed through out the centre. However it soon became apparent that this was not the best solution. Being a wet and high-humidity area, the MDF quickly started to rot and the hinges began to rust resulting in doors not functioning properly.

Our Kupan HPL lockers are designed and constructed to be water and corrosion-resistant. A perfect solution for the lockers being used around the pool decks at PARC, featuring a one piece aluminium hinge (no rust), self-closing doors and a 10-year warranty.



Being a large centre, a mix of the Metra centralised locks, accessed via a central kiosk,  and the Metra RFID on-door solution, was implemented.

The Metra centralised kiosks now have the ability to have a payWave/cashless payment option installed. This means that the casual patrons of PARC can purchase their own locker, in their own time, directly at the locker bank rather than going back to the reception.

The casual use of the lockers works by the patron selecting a locker available, assigning themselves a 4-digit PIN, and presenting their payWave card to the payment terminal.




Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre (GESAC)

METRA Australia completed a recent project at Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre. The team designed and installed High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) personal storage lockers, securely accessed via METRA Kiosk Touchscreen and central RFID Reader Terminal. Patrons, members and staff can also enjoy the convenience of payWave® cashless payments for locker rental.

SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre

METRA Australia supplied and installed new personal lockers in the Health Club at SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre. The High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) lockers feature corrosion resistant properties suitable for hard-working environments. Individual lockers are accessed via member, guest and staff RFID smartcards or RFID wristbands and the self-opening doors were fitted with METRA’s patented hard-wired electronic locks.

Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre

The Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, named in recognition of the Olympic swimming champion, is a fitness centre in Ultimo, New South Wales. A stunning feature of the impressive building is the wave shaped roof structure that recalls the character of Darling Harbour. Inside are three swimming pools and extensive exercise and leisure facilities.

METRA Australia designed and installed High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) personal storage lockers, securely accessed via METRA Kiosk Touchscreen and central RFID Reader Terminal. Patrons, members and staff can also enjoy the convenience of payWave® cashless payments for locker rental.



Click here to download the Case Study (PDF).


We are excited to unveil the new pool deck lockers and technology for the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre in Sydney. Have a look at a time-lapse video of the team completing the installation.

ITAC install slowmotion_Small from Andrew Yeaman on Vimeo.

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