8 Chifley Square is an iconic Sydney 24-level landmark offering 19,350 square metres of premium grade office space​ centred within Australia’s leading business precinct.

End of trip facilities (EOTF) have become commonplace for commercial buildings around Australia. To keep up with trends, including catering for the active lifestyle of the modern worker, the EOTF in 8 Chifley Square recently undertook a complete refurbishment.

Metra Aus were selected as the supplier of the electronic locker locking solution throughout the facility. In conjunction with Five at Heart, we installed 155x  centralised locks and 3x touchless Metra kiosks into their lockers across the male and female change rooms.

Casual patrons are able to assign themselves a locker upon presenting their building access card at the Metra readers. The lockers are also set up to accept VIP reservations. Meaning that a locker can be reserved/assigned to a patron for a period of time via the MyMetraLocker software and not be available for casual patrons.

When a reservation, casual or VIP, expires the lockers switch to “service mode” and are unable to be re-hired until the locker has been cleaned.

8 Chifley Square also chose to upgrade the locks by integrating the Metra Aus LED lighting and 2.4 amp USB charger with dual outlets. The chargers have the capacity to charge current smartphones and tablets.

Building management: Mirvac

Builder: Girvan Group

Locker joinery: Five at Heart

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