To meet the needs of the world moving towards a cashless society, METRA Australia have designed a solution where users are able to purchase lockers directly at the locker bank.

Upgrade your lockers with modern, cashless trends

‘Self-serve’ is widely popular and customers are wanting to solve their own problems in their own time. METRA Kiosk is self-serve and now includes a cashless payment option. This removes the inconvenience for customers having to return to the front desk, their hands full, wait in a line to receive a ticket or wristband, and return to their locker.

Convenience of payWave cashless payments 

With a METRA Kiosk installed directly in a bank of lockers, a customer only has to select the locker they wish to hire via the touch screen, assign a PIN code and present their payWave card to the payment terminal. The PIN code is used to open / close the locker at their leisure until the hire time has expired. 

A cashless payment system installed with the locker banks modernises and improves the overall customer experience. It also frees up staff to focus on other business operations and eases congestion around service desks and foyers.

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