A brand new build, 510 Church Street, Richmond aims to attract tenants who are looking for an innovative, flexible workspace environment to attract and retain the best talent.

The brief for this project included details on how the client hoped the building would exceed international technology industry benchmarks and accommodate various permutations of technologies to support new ideas, configurations, and installations during the life of a tenancy.

With the Metra Electronic Locking System, we can provide just that. Our technology is extremely flexible and user-friendly. It can be adapted to your organisation and preferred ways of use on the fly.

Throughout the end-of-trip facilities we installed our ELS Centralised locking solution with Metra Touch Display’s.

Lockers can be assigned to long term users with the remaining lockers available for casual daily use. These casual daily lockers can be easily self- assigned from the touch screens located throughout the facility.

Once the casual locker reservation expires, it automatically moves into a service mode and awaits the cleaning crew to come through and service the lockers. This ensures that the cleaning crew are only opening lockers that have been used on that day and are not wasting time on unused lockers.

The system has been designed to work with the sites base building access cards and the HID Bluetooth Access App.

With the Metra API enabled at 510 Church Street, they have the ability to control access to the lockers, create a user list, and manage reservations in 3rd party applications.

In addition to the smart locking system, the client opted to add our 2.54 amp USB charging solution into each locker.

Each USB charger includes dual outlets, a motion sensitive interior LED light and the capacity to charge current smartphones and tablets.

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