8 Chifley Square, Sydney

8 Chifley Square is an iconic Sydney 24-level landmark offering 19,350 square metres of premium grade office space​ centred within Australia’s leading business precinct.

End of trip facilities (EOTF) have become commonplace for commercial buildings around Australia. To keep up with trends, including catering for the active lifestyle of the modern worker, the EOTF in 8 Chifley Square recently undertook a complete refurbishment.

Metra Aus were selected as the supplier of the electronic locker locking solution throughout the facility. In conjunction with Five at Heart, we installed 155x  centralised locks and 3x touchless Metra kiosks into their lockers across the male and female change rooms.

Casual patrons are able to assign themselves a locker upon presenting their building access card at the Metra readers. The lockers are also set up to accept VIP reservations. Meaning that a locker can be reserved/assigned to a patron for a period of time via the MyMetraLocker software and not be available for casual patrons.

When a reservation, casual or VIP, expires the lockers switch to “service mode” and are unable to be re-hired until the locker has been cleaned.

8 Chifley Square also chose to upgrade the locks by integrating the Metra Aus LED lighting and 2.4 amp USB charger with dual outlets. The chargers have the capacity to charge current smartphones and tablets.

Building management: Mirvac

Builder: Girvan Group

Locker joinery: Five at Heart

1 Bligh Street, Sydney


1 Bligh offers premium grade sustainable office space and is a building that combines leading edge design, technology, and sustainability in one of the world’s most enviable locations.

1 Bligh provides 27 levels of office space in an environment that inspires its tenants every day. When Metra Aus were approached to provide a locking solution for the end of trip facilities we knew no stone was going to be left unturned to ensure the solution met all requirements.

With contactless solutions a high priority for building management group Dexus, they chose to utilise palm scanners to access their lockers as per a previous site. To allow for these palm scanners, Metra Aus installed our proprietary Wiegand converter to allow ease of configuration with the Metra Management Portal.

The locker usage is configured with a mix of daily (casual) hire, and the option to assign lockers to VIP staff for long term reservations. Assigned lockers can have a reservation length of up to 27 years.

When a locker reservation expires, whether that be automatically at the end of the day or at the end of the set reservation period, they go into “Metra Service Mode” allowing for cleaning prior to being re-hired.

Building security is managed by Gallagher using their encrypted Gallagher card and the third party palm scanner, Metra have been able to import and integrate as required so that the same card/ ID is also used for the lockers.

There were a total of 231x centralised locks installed throughout the male and female changerooms, hallway and bike rack area.

Building management: Dexus

Builder: Girvan Group

Locker joinery: Five at Heart

510 Church Street, Melbourne

A brand new build, 510 Church Street, Richmond aims to attract tenants who are looking for an innovative, flexible workspace environment to attract and retain the best talent.

The brief for this project included details on how the client hoped the building would exceed international technology industry benchmarks and accommodate various permutations of technologies to support new ideas, configurations, and installations during the life of a tenancy.

With the Metra Electronic Locking System, we can provide just that. Our technology is extremely flexible and user-friendly. It can be adapted to your organisation and preferred ways of use on the fly.

Throughout the end-of-trip facilities we installed our ELS Centralised locking solution with Metra Touch Display’s.

Lockers can be assigned to long term users with the remaining lockers available for casual daily use. These casual daily lockers can be easily self- assigned from the touch screens located throughout the facility.

Once the casual locker reservation expires, it automatically moves into a service mode and awaits the cleaning crew to come through and service the lockers. This ensures that the cleaning crew are only opening lockers that have been used on that day and are not wasting time on unused lockers.

The system has been designed to work with the sites base building access cards and the HID Bluetooth Access App.

With the Metra API enabled at 510 Church Street, they have the ability to control access to the lockers, create a user list, and manage reservations in 3rd party applications.

In addition to the smart locking system, the client opted to add our 2.54 amp USB charging solution into each locker.

Each USB charger includes dual outlets, a motion sensitive interior LED light and the capacity to charge current smartphones and tablets.

400 George St, Brisbane

Constructed in 2009, 400 George Street is situated adjacent to the Brisbane Magistrates Court and is located in the prestigious North Quarter of Brisbane’s CBD.

With the advancement of technology and access control solutions between then and now, it was decided that a renovation of the end of trip facilities in the building were required to continue to attract blue-chip corporate, state and commonwealth government tenants.

The key requirement for the project was to move away from battery keypads, which are harmful to the environment, and install our hardwired locking solution using base building card and have the option of a user App.

The Cromwell project team selected our Metra ELS DOT Net RFID on door, with exterior LED light indicator, solution to control the 530 lockers throughout the male and female amenities and public lounge area. This solution allows the patron to unlock their assigned locker directly at the door with their base building cards. The LED light indicators can be configured to show if the lockers are occupied or vacant.


In addition to using their access media, the lockers are also set up to use the MyMetraKey (MMK) mobile App. The App is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. MMK allows users to access their lockers or select, extend time and/or release lockers from their smart phone.

There is development works to integrate the Metra software platform with the base building app currently in progress

10-20 Bond Street, Sydney

Mirvac Properties 20 Bond Street is a fully refurbished, A-grade office building located within Sydney’s financial district. Its 31 floors are comprised of 38,000 square metres of modern, sustainable office space filled with natural light and showcasing the impressive cityscape and harbour views.

With end of trip facilities now seen as an essential ingredient to attract and maintain tenants in commercial buildings, the conversation isn’t just around how they look and feel. The importance of function and access control to the specialised areas is imperative. That’s where our Metra Electronic Locking Solution comes in to play. Installed through-out the male and female change rooms, the lockers are accessed with HID SEOS credentials as per the request of the client.

The locking solution in each area is paired with 10” touch displays and readers. This offers an easy to use solution where casual locker users can freely self-assign a vacant locker of their choice via the use of their building access card or app.

Each locker has a Metra dual 2.4 amp USB charger with LED light installed to allow the users to charge their electronic devices safely and securely .

The added bonus of our locking solution throughout the end of trip facility is our “service mode”. In todays world, cleaning and servicing is imperative. Our lockers are set up so when a reservation has expired, the locker enters into service mode and cannot be re-hired until it has been thoroughly cleaned.

Bay Centre – 65 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont


Adjacent to Sydney’s Darling Harbour, with amazing dining, retail and outdoor amenities, Bay Centre offers it’s commercial customers a flexible and modern working environment.

Metra Aus is proud to have been able to enhance the buildings modern technology through the installation of our electronic locking solution both on their office floors and through out their end of trip facilities.

One of the main requests from the end user, building management group Mirvac, was that the locking solution was to have the ability to read combi card with Desfire and 125 Prox credentials. This request has been successfully met through the programming of our card readers.


Over the three office floors with lockers installed, there was 68x locks, 2x displays, and 2x card readers (with HID technology and Bluetooth) installed.

These lockers have been set up for both long term/permanent hire of the locker and with all unassigned lockers available for casual/daily use hire for staff members.  Lockers are assigned to their current building access card.


The end of trip facilities have a 10” touch display and reader installed in each area which offers the best individual casual locker use experience. With it the locker user can freely self-assign a vacant locker of choice.

The added bonus of our locking solution throughout the EOT and office floors is our “service mode”.  In todays world cleaning and servicing is imperative. Our lockers are set up so when a reservation has expired, the locker enters into service mode and cannot be re-hired until it has be thoroughly cleaned.

End Client: Mirvac Properties

Architect: Gray Puksand

Builder: Renascent

Joiner: C2G Commercial


Dickson Interchange – ACT Government

Interloc Lockers approached Metra Australia to provide a hardwired locking solution for this project. After some consultation with the end client, the Metra ELS Net centralised solution was chosen to meet the security requirements.

The Metra Touchscreen solution with 300 x centralised locks is used in the end of trip change room facilities with the Metra Display solution with 1,314 x centralised locks used across the 6 levels of workspace lockers.

Metra Australia worked with Interloc Lockers and BLOC to deliver this project through bushfires and Covid-19.

With Active Directory integration, users are automatically imported into the My Metra Lockers software and administration staff can manage all the groups of lockers via the cloud. The Metra software was installed within the customers Azure VM, for connectivity to the lockers installed onsite.

Developer: Doma

Builder: Bloc

Architect: Bates Smart

Photography: Rodrigo Vargas

55 Market St

55 Market Street, Sydney is positioned directly opposite the Pitt Street Mall shopping precinct, close to the QVB, the State Theatre, Hyde Park, and is a place for employees to thrive.

Continuing our great relationships with Mirvac and Built, Metra was approached to install our smart locking solution in conjunction with Five and Heart’s lockers into their start of the art end of trip facilities. We installed our standard end of trip solution which comprised of 130x centralised electronic locks and 3x Touchless Metra Kiosks.

Casual patrons are automatically assigned a locker upon presentation of users access card. This means that when a patron scans their access card an available locker will automatically open, minimising the need to touch what would generally be shared surfaces.

The lockers are also set up to accept VIP reservations meaning that their locker can be reserved for a period of time and not be available for casual patrons.

When a reservation, casual or VIP, expires the lockers switch to “service mode” and are unable to be re-hired until the locker has been cleaned.

Riverside Quay, South Bank

Positioned on the Yarra River in Southbank, Victoria, the established landmark destination for business and leisure, offers a vibrant place to work, relax and dine.  The precinct recently embarked on a redevelopment that saw a  full ambience upgrade, presenting a calm and authoritative environment.

Together with Five at Heart, Metra Aus completed an installation of over 290 lockers as part of the new End of Trip facilities Riverside Quay have to offer.

The locking solution chosen was the Metra Centralised Locking Solution with Metra Touch Displays and HID readers. The solutions was installed throughout the male and female amenities as well as the DDA .

Users approach the touch screens, select a locker via the menu and scan their RFID media to assign. For a complete touchless environment, the solution can be configured to automatically assign and open an available locker for a user by just scanning their media, no touching of the screen required.

This flexible locking solution has the ability to be customised for both casual users and VIP users requiring a permanent locker reservation.

Casual locker reservations can be set to expire on a daily or weekly basis. Once the reservation has expired the lockers are moved into a “service” mode. Via the use of our My Metra Software, an alert is generated of expired lockers, giving the building management clear instructions of which of them require servicing to ensure they can provide a clean and hygienic environment, all while keeping VIP lockers secure

388 George Street, Sydney


388 George Street sits on one of Sydney’s busiest intersections in one of the city’s most prestigious buildings in the heart of the financial, legal and technology precinct, surrounded by blue chip companies. Undergoing a refurbishment that focuses on increased productivity, workspace flexibility, wellness, future technologies and sustainability.

Metra Aus teamed up with Five at Heart to compete the buildings brand new, state of the art End of Trip facility. Installing over 360 Metra Centralised Locks across male, female and DDA accessible amenities, each with a Metra touch screen display with integrated HID Bluetooth readers.

Through the use of the My Metra Lockers Software,  the building management team are able assign lockers for long term reservations with the remaining available for casual use. Lockers are accessed via the users current building access card, cancelling out the need for additional keys / cards, or the chance of forgetting access codes.

Not only can building management monitor who is accessing each locker, they can monitor which lockers are being used each day.  And further, when the casual locker reservations expire each day, they automatically move to a “cleaning” mode, so the cleaning team can enter the facilities at the end of each day with clear instructions of what has been used to ensure they can provide a clean and hygienic environment.
















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