Unlock and manage personal storage lockers easily
with your iOS or Android Smartphone.

Transforming locker management

With MyMetraKey™ (MMK) App users can remotely open an individual storage locker, or manage locker usage, all via a smartphone*. The app uses your cellular or Wi-Fi connection to gain access and perform various actions. Functions include: unlock, book rental, locker size, duration, extend duration and ‘release’. All without the need for a METRA Display or Central User Interface.

*Integrates with METRA Electronic Locking System (ELS).

No need for door handles, visible locks or user interfaces

Combining METRA Electronic Locking System (ELS) and METRA Electronic Locks (hard-wired, no batteries) means lockers will not need RFID terminals or a Central User Interface. Lockers can now truly have a clean line design that enhances your space. 

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