Traditional function meets modern technology.

Our innovative access control and electronic locker systems enables employers, employees and building tenants to feel more secure and be more productive by providing enhanced End-of-Trip facilities. 

MyMetraKey™ Mobile App

Unlock and manage lockers via MyMetraKey™ (MMK) mobile app. Forget RFID smartcards or tags. Individual lockers are fitted with electronic locks that can be remotely unlocked/locked via our integrated user-friendly software.

HID™ Technology Partner

No need for multiple access media, METRA can extend your HID™ trusted identity and access security. Users can use a single iCLASS Seos™ smartcard or HID Mobile Access app.

Reader Terminals

We offer comprehensive and flexible user-friendly locker management interfaces. Select a Central Terminal with a simple 4-digit display, or RFID readers installed on each locker door,  or install an innovative Central Reader Terminal (RFID) or a METRA Kiosk Touchscreen with Paywave® integration and your brand design.

Access Control

Our comprehensive Access Control solutions offers flexibility, security and reliability to control individual lockers and restrict access on a per guest basis. Select from electronic locking, cashless vending and third-party component integration.

Electronic Locking

Enhance security and efficiency with our reliable and durable electronic locks. Our patented designed electronic locks are hard-wired so no batteries are required. Offering RFID proximity media access to suit business, education and government demands.

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Our lockers are designed and constructed to be water and corrosion-resistant. Featuring a one piece aluminium hinge (no rust), self-closing doors and a 10-year warranty. Choose from a range of colours and finishes to suit your individual needs.

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