Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags that contain electronically stored information. RFID chips can be incorporated in wristbands, key tags, fobs, the paper passes, and plastic cards. Each unique RFID tag can allow timely access through doors, turnstiles, and lockers.

See below 5 benefits to using RFID technology in your next locking solution. 

1) Data tracking

Because a person carries an RFID card with them, a smart-card system records her movements. For example, when a person enters a locked room with the card, the system notes the person, the date and time, and the activity.

2) Ease of use

Where a lost or stolen physical key can require you to replace the whole lock, an administrator can simply delete the lost/stolen tag’s access and program a new one.

3) Security

RFID key cards are much harder to copy than traditional keys, so offer peace of mind where unauthorized users are concerned. Key cards can also be deactivated to prevent an unauthorized user from gaining entry to a building or access to a storage locker.

4) Increased revenue and profits

For applications where access is required for a large number of people, for instance, gym members, getting traditional keys cut can be very expensive. With an RFID key card, replacements and cheap and easy.

5) Flexibility

RFID cards can be programmed and reprogrammed as the aspects of security requirements change. If an employee leaves, the card can be deactivated or reprogrammed for a new employee. It also allows changes to areas that personnel can access as their permissions grow and change.

Jobs we have recently completed utilizing RFID technology. 

– Transport for NSW Macquarie Park

– Deep Blue Hotel & Hot Springs

– SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre

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