Metra Australia are proud to once again be chosen by Transport for NSW to provide the latest in smart lockers. Together with Lockin we delivered a flexible and secure personal storage system that satisfies the needs of their staff.

The latest commercial office development at 45-61 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park is said to be one of Australia’s most contemporary business precincts. This project saw the team design and install 3,952 lockers set across six levels of the brand new office complex.

Each locker was fitted with the Metra HID Centralised Locking Solution (hard-wired, no batteries). Staff can access their assigned lockers via RFID media (smartcard or phone app) at one of the 64 Metra Reader Terminals, with genuine Bluetooth enabled HID technology, located within each of the locker banks.

Our integrated back office METRA ELS software solution meant staff were able to use their existing RFID media card for building access and locker access. Locker banks are located in various high traffic areas of each office space, including hallways, islands and built into plaster walls.


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