Located on the corner of Swanston Street, Franklin Street and Victoria Street, Melbourne City Baths (MCB) opened in 1904 as public baths, with swimming pools and bathing facilities and is now considered one of Melbourne’s most architecturally and historically significant buildings.

The facility offers locker hire to both their members and for casual use and it came time for an upgrade. Realising the MDF lockers were not appropriate for their environment, they chose to replace the lockers with our Metra High Pressure Laminate (HPL) solution. Our HPL Lockers are environment specific, durable, moisture, bacteria, and corrosion resistant.

Existing members lockers not in high moisture areas were retrofitted with our RFID on Door locks. Integrating with the Facility Management Software means access is limited to only current members, providing another great retention tool for MCB.

As well as upgrading the lockers themselves, Metra upgraded their locking technology, installing the Metra centralised locking solution in each locker, a Metra kiosk with RFID readers, and the ability to install a payWave unit. This will provide a modern and easy to use locker experience for all.

By having the ability to add payWave units installed directly into the locker banks, MCB have future-proofed their lockers. Casual patrons will be able to purchase their own locker, in their own time, without having to queue at reception. Of course, members can still use these lockers as well for free, due to the software integration.

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