RFID Education Lockers

Girton Grammar School approached Metra Aus requesting a solution for new lockers. Basic school lockers are installed with the use of a padlock hasp for students however as Girton Grammar already use RFID card technology throughout their school, the decision was made to continue the trend and have their new lockers link to their existing technology via the Metra hard-wired locking solution. By linking the new lockers to their existing card technology, it meant their students didn’t require keys or have to remember codes for additional padlocks.

Students access their lockers by initially being assigned a locker via the schools admin and then swiping their card at the reader located on the locker bank to open their door

The Metra hard-wired locking solution also provides the school with locker usage status reports. The school can see when a locker has been opened and how many times. The solution also includes master cards which can open any door, perfect for school administrators.

The lockers themselves are made from High-Pressure Laminate (HPL).  Designed and constructed to be water and corrosion-resistant and featuring a one piece aluminium hinge (no rust). This hinge also allows the locker doors to self-close. No more walking down school hallways having to shut all the opened lockers!

The sloping top addition is to prevent items being placed on the  top of the units, and is finished to match the carcass. Our HPL lockers are all backed with a 10-year warranty.


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