101 Miller Street, Sydney NSW

A premium grade building co-owned by Mirvac Group and TIAA CREF. The landmark North Sydney tower encompasses an entire CBD block, offering occupiers exposure on a grand scale. 

Offering an array of executive facilities

101 Miller Street is a premium grade building co-owned by Mirvac Group and TIAA CREF. The landmark tower encompasses an entire CBD block, offering occupiers exposure on a grand scale. METRA Australia installed high-quality centralised METRA Locks with three Touchscreens utilising the METRA Kiosk application. 

Since 2007, 101 Miller Street has undergone a complete transformation in keeping with the demands of modern business. The superb finishes have been chosen for their simplicity and durability exhibiting a classic, corporate luxury design.

Within the complex there is storage for more than 170 bicycles conveniently located in the car park, with further refurbished bathrooms, showers and staff lockers nearby.

The Bike Rack METRA touchscreen can access all three areas (Bike Rack, Male Change, & Female Change), whereas the kiosks in the male and female change can only access their own area. The readers have been locked (in hardware) to the customer’s access card and won’t read common Mifare™ cards (Opal, Miki, etc.).

The locker reservations automatically expire overnight, and coupled with a nightly automatic opening of all the lockers after the site has closed, allows for cleaning staff to come through and clear down the lockers.

“So many features yet so simple to operate”

101 Miller Street was facing the prospect of a vacancy of Over 15,000m2 and in a market with brand new properties on offer. 101 Miller is graded premium for good reasons:

  • Tri-Generation plant providing primary energy, cooling and winter heating
  • 1400m2 Column free floors
  • Abundance of natural light
  • User friendly and active lobby


With 101 Miller Street offerings and the trend towards wellbeing it was a must to provide facilities to service our active community.

The End of Trip Facilities were a ”no brainer” but following investigation and visits to the various EOTF it became obvious that the simple convenience of using the one building access card was not generally available.

As simple as it sounds, one card for all available building services from the car park, building entries, lifts and available for tenancies was a must. Tenants now have the ability to reduce the number of tenancy and building services cards from three to one.

Service providers were able to offer several options but ultimately they lead to the requirement of additional access cards or at a minimum stick on RFIDs for the EOTF lockers.

CSM and METRA Australia listened to what we believed to be achievable and provided a system capable of providing exactly what we wanted to achieve.

So many features yet so simple to operate. Tenants were introduced to the EOTF and the locker system. The interest in the ease of operation was seen to be a prominent feature.

Remote access and the support provided by Metra has ensured the smooth operation of the locker system and the experience for the end user.

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