Positioned on the Yarra River in Southbank, Victoria, the established landmark destination for business and leisure, offers a vibrant place to work, relax and dine.  The precinct recently embarked on a redevelopment that saw a  full ambience upgrade, presenting a calm and authoritative environment.

Together with Five at Heart, Metra Aus completed an installation of over 290 lockers as part of the new End of Trip facilities Riverside Quay have to offer.

The locking solution chosen was the Metra Centralised Locking Solution with Metra Touch Displays and HID readers. The solutions was installed throughout the male and female amenities as well as the DDA .

Users approach the touch screens, select a locker via the menu and scan their RFID media to assign. For a complete touchless environment, the solution can be configured to automatically assign and open an available locker for a user by just scanning their media, no touching of the screen required.

This flexible locking solution has the ability to be customised for both casual users and VIP users requiring a permanent locker reservation.

Casual locker reservations can be set to expire on a daily or weekly basis. Once the reservation has expired the lockers are moved into a “service” mode. Via the use of our My Metra Software, an alert is generated of expired lockers, giving the building management clear instructions of which of them require servicing to ensure they can provide a clean and hygienic environment, all while keeping VIP lockers secure

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