When you spend your days designing and guiding development projects with property owners and investors its only fitting to have brand new, state of the art personal storage for your employees. 

Urbis engaged Framework and Metra to install custom lockers to their office floors. By choosing the Metra RFID “on door” solution, Urbis employees are able to unlock their locker directly at the door using their Gallagher building access card.

Urbis - 200820-7-edit
Urbis - 200820-15

Urbis have chosen to set up their lockers in “free mode”. This is where vacant lockers are unlocked at all times and a staff member can freely choose an available locker. This mode is regularly used for short term/casual use such as hot desking setups.

The lockers also have the ability (via a minor back end reconfiguration) to be set up in “assigned mode”. This means lockers remain locked at all times, management assign an individual staff member to a particular locker for a set amount of time or permanent basis and only that staff member can access that locker. 

The MyMetraSoftware provides the building management team the ability to monitor which staff member has used which locker, assisting with contact tracing and cleaning services.

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