11 York St. Sydney, NSW

RMS is an operating agency within the Transport Cluster of NSW. Transport for NSW is at the centre of the Transport cluster with responsibility for setting the strategic direction and guiding an extended network of public and private service delivery agencies to provide improved transport outcomes. This NSW government agency was established on the 1st November 2011. METRA Australia has been working closely with RMS and TfNSW to satisfy the personal storage needs for their staff.

RMS and TfNSW required a safe and secure system for staff’s belongings to be stored. METRA Australia is a simple and secure solution. Currently there is close to 8,000 lockers installed over more than 30x individual floors, located in over 14 separate sites throughout NSW. Staff members are assigned a locker(s) that can be accessed from central reader terminals located within the locker banks by their employee ID (and access) card.

METRA Australia’s distinctive style and innovative solutions have ensured an easy-to-use system and highly secure lockers.



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