Aqualink Box Hill has been working with METRA Australia for approximately 2 years after the installation of new lockers in the aquatics area.  METRA lockers are in both the gym and aquatics, and also METRA locks in the gym area.

METRA Australia provided peace-of-mind in organising and processing service calls, and service staff attended the site with a minimal interruption while acting on the service call.

All services carried out thus far have been completed to a high standard, and follow-up communication is always given on what was specifically carried out at the time of the service.

Being a community service, Aqualink Box Hill ensures their facilities, equipment and services are functionally adequately at all times, and as such METRA Australia offer callout services at short notice and with quick and efficient outcomes achieved.  This ensures any downtime on lockers for Aqualink Box Hill members are kept to a minimum.

Photos from Cockram Project Management

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