101 Miller Street is a premium grade building co-owned by Mirvac Group and TIAA CREF. The landmark tower encompasses an entire CBD block, offering occupiers exposure on a grand scale. METRA Australia installed high-quality centralised METRA Locks with three Touchscreens utilising the METRA Kiosk application.

Since 2007, 101 Miller Street has undergone a complete transformation in keeping with the demands of modern business. The superb finishes have been chosen for their simplicity and durability exhibiting a classic, corporate luxury design. Within the complex there is storage for more than 170 bicycles conveniently located in the car park, with further refurbished bathrooms, showers and staff lockers nearby.

The Bike Rack METRA touchscreen can access all three areas (Bike Rack, Male Change, & Female Change), whereas the kiosks in the male and female change can only access their own area. The readers have been locked (in hardware) to the customer’s access card and won’t read common Mifare ™ cards (Opal, Miki, etc.).

The locker reservations automatically expire overnight, and coupled with a nightly automatic opening of all the lockers after the site has closed, allows for cleaning staff to come through and clear down the lockers.

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