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With innovative design and corrosion proof materials, our commercial lockers feature reliable and modern systems that will stand the test of time.


Our lockers provide a modern design with a large choice of colours and size options. constructed from water and corrosion resistant materials, Metra lockers prove to be cost effective and long lasting in all environments.

Electronic Locking

Electronic locking system user interfaces range from central reader, offering simple 4 digit display, to a touch screen terminal incorporating customer’s brand design, to a user friendly system with RFID reader installed on each locker door.

Access Control

We provide complete solution including access control, electronic locking, cashless vending and third party components integration. Our complete solution gives you the flexibility to control lockers and restrict access on a per customer basis 

“Industry leading solutions in design and durability”


Class Leading Solutions

Innovative construction offers a high performance alternative to MDF or plastic lockers.

Integrated Access Control

Combine our locking solutions with the latest third party access control terminals.  

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